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Hello everyone! iHola todos! Many of you noticed that I was not in class yesterday. I was not expecting to be sick, but I suddenly got very ill after receiving the second vaccine. I slept through classes. I apologize. It's hard to remember the human element of our abilities. Thank you for your understanding and kindness. I'm feeling much better today. I hope to see you all in class this evening, tomorrow morning and Thursday evening.

I will be uploading my new on-demand video today as well. Be on the look out for that!

Please remember to send me tuition at PayPal.Me/MobileSpanish

Thank you.

This weeks class zoom links are on the calendar. Please feel free to text or call me if you have problems accessing it (251)281-5265

Starting from next week, classes will be offered:

Tuesdays: Preschool 9am CST

UnWritten Elementary 9:30am CST

Written Elementary 10:30 am CST

Beginner Level 2: 5:30 pm CST

Middle School/High School 6:30pm CST

Wednesdays: Preschool 9am CST

UnWritten Elementary 9:30am CST

Written Elementary 10:30am CST

Middle School/High School 11 am CST

Thursdays: Beginner Level 2: 5:30 pm CST

Written Elementary: 6:30 pm

Middle School/High School 6:30pm CST

You can see that your child still has the same number of classes per week, I have just pushed Monday schedule to Tuesday in an effort to create something new for my Mondays. I don't foresee changing the class schedule again, unless we get an influx of students. I am very happy to expand the schedule to accommodate new students. I love to teach. I don't much like to advertise, although I do, it's a slow process. Please tell your friends all about my program.

When you read this blog, could you please send me an email to let me know that you got it? I wonder if my website host is working properly. Thank you.

I love being your Spanish Teacher,


Joanna E Gomes, MSEd


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