Monday, April 19th

iHola! We studied CAPERUCITA today in class. Today's vocabulary includes, CAPERUCITA (Riding Hood), LOBO (wolf), BOSQUE (woods), VER (To See), CAMA (bed), OJOS (eyes), EARS (orejas) NARIZ (nose), DIENTES (teeth) GRANDE (big), PEQUEÑO (small), CANASTA (basket), COMIDA (food). The Littles followed along with the storyboard I made and the older students played a game, similar to KAHOOT. I have since made a KAHOOT, specific to the program. Your family can play it at Great classes! See you tomorrow evening.

Hello! Estudiamos LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD en las classes de hoy. El vocabulario de hoy incluye LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (Caperucita), TO SEE (ver), BED (cama), EYES (ojos), EARS (orejas), NOSE (nariz), TEETH (dientes), BIG (grande), SMALL (pequeño) BASKET (canasta), COMIDA (food). Los estudiantes minores Seguiaron el guión gráfico que hizo y los estudiantes mayores jugaron un juego, similar a KAHOOT. Desde entonces hice un KAHOOT, específico para el programa para jugar en iQue Clases fantasticos! Nos vemos mañana en la noche.

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