Wednesday, March 17th

iHola! We played with money in class. We learned how to upload money bills and coins into a google slide. We counted by one with pennies, by fives with nickles, by tens with dimes, and by twenty-fives with quarters. The older children had time to upload a picture of something they would love to buy. We decided which items were more expensive and which cheaper. Everyone had a great time interacting in our second language! Excellent!

Jugamos con dinero en clase. Aprendimos a cargar billetes y monedas en una diapositiva de google. Contábamos por uno con centavos, por cinco con nickles, por decenas con dimes, y por veinte cincos con quarters. Los niños mayores tenían tiempo para subir una foto de algo que les encantaría comprar. Decidimos qué artículos eran más caros y qué más baratos. ¡todos lo pasamos genial interactuando en nuestro segundo idioma! ¡excelente!

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